About Us

The HLT Story & Background

Tim Schnell, President & CEO
Tim Schnell
  • Tim began his career at Walmart – Sam’s Club division in 1987 and was promoted to Divisional Vice President by the age of 25.
  • Tim worked in merchandising at Walmart – Sam’s Club division until 1997 and managed a budget of $2.5 billion by the time he departed.
  • Tim then formed an independent marketing and consulting business. In 2000 he focused his energies on the formation and development of Good Sportsman Marketing, LLC (GSM) which has become a leading manufacturer and seller of outdoor industry products including surveillance an action cameras, hearing amplification and protection devices marketed under the GSM Outdoors® label.
  • In 2009, Tim joined with Henry Smith in forming Hearing Labs Technology, LLC.
Henry Smith, Senior Vice President CTO
Henry Smith
  • While at Drexel University, HLT founder Henry Smith witnessed lives dramatically improve with proper hearing enhancement and committed himself to helping as many hearing impaired people as possible.
  • In 1979, he founded Authorized Earmold Labs in his basement and began building earmolds.
  • In 1984, he founded Authorized Hearing Systems (AHS) and was soon building hearing aids superior to those offered by the world’s long-established manufacturers.
  • By 2001, AHS was selling over 40,000 units per year and opened two facilities in Bristol, PA and a third in Plymouth, MN.
  • While pleased with his success, statistics showed that too few of those in need of hearing assistance were taking advantage of the solutions available to them.
  • Henry realized, through a personal family experience, that advances in technology enabled society to accomplish successes never believed possible.
  • As a result, Henry launched America Hears, Inc. in 2001.
  • HLT was founded in 2009, and America Hears was rolled into HLT in 2010. America Hears continues to operate as HLT’s e- commerce outlet.

Corporate Overview

A manufacturer and retailer of hearing aid devices in North America through a network of select locations within diversified retail chains, including Sam's Club, Cabela’s, Meijer stores and America Hears Outlets.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas
    • Has additional corporate office in Oceanside, California and a manufacturing office in Bristol, Pennsylvania
    • Approximately 553 employees nationwide
  • Seasoned management team with extensive retail experience understands how to execute the business
    • Over 300 years of management experience in the retail industry
    • Over 120 years of experience in the hearing industry
  • 427 Sam’s Clubs, 7 Meijer Stores and 7 Cabela’s retail locations to date