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Our advanced technology provides the ability to hear sounds that you've been missing, but more importantly, it provides the chance to improve the cornerstone of your life: communication with those around you.

What is ADRO®?

ADRO® stands for Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization. ADRO® Technology is designed to deliver a more natural sound quality that is superior to traditional "compression" hearing aids providing the wearer better communication in noisy environments as well as enhanced comfort in quiet situations. The result is clear hearing so comfortable, you will forget you're even wearing a hearing aid.

Dynamic Range

ADRO® powered hearing aids are customized to your individual listening needs. Our hearing aids focus on hearing the sounds that are most important and ensuring that they are loud enough to hear but also comfortable to listen.

Dynamic Range One

People with normal hearing have a large dynamic range, allowing them to hear the full picture

Dynamic Range Two

WDRC hearing aids "compress" the entire picture into the dynamic range of the listener, resulting in distortion.

Dynamic Range Three

ADRO® places the most important part of the picture in the dynamic range of the listener without distortion.

Multiple Channels

Multiple Channels Graphic

Our hearing aids have multiple channels. These channels act like a graphic equalizer. The more channels you have, the clearer the sound quality will be.

Monalisa Distorted Monalisa Clear

To put this in perspective, we can compare it to pixels in a television screen. The more pixels there are in the picture, the clearer the picture will be.

ADRO® with Bluetooth Connectivity

Available on the new Liberty SIE 96, allows for wireless sync with mobile devices for hands free calling.*

Liberty SIE 96

*When used with bluetooth Streamer accessory

Automatic Adaptive Microphones

Our hearing aids also use microphone technology that makes speech stand out from background noise. This makes communication clearer and more comfortable by focusing on the sound you want to hear and reducing the sound you don't, such as the ability to carry on a conversation in a noisy restaurant.

Restaurant Image

"One of the things I particularly like is that I can hear in a noisy environment. Now I can go into a restaurant and be part of the conversation at the table."

Smart Technology

ADRO® hearing aids are constantly analyzing your enviroment making automatic adjustments to ensure you hear what you want to hear while minimizing noise and sounds you don't want to hear. This allows you to move from one sounds environment to another, like a one on one conversation and then a noisy group, without having to make adjustments to your hearing aid settings.