ClearFit® is a software application used by our fitting specialists to measure a client’s hearing loss and to fit hearing aid devices to a client’s loss and listening preferences. It is simple and intuitive to use, with a layout and format that encourage a consistent and proper workflow from one specialist to another.

Although primarily a fitting software, ClearFit® does more than typical fitting applications. ClearFit® includes purchase/return transactional processing and transactional data reporting that helps to monitor and improve operations and sales. ClearFit® also saves client audiogram and fitting data onto a client’s hearing aids to allow portability and serviceability of hearing aids from one hearing aid center to another.

On-Line Scheduler

The On-Line Scheduler is a website application that clients use to search for nearby hearing aid center locations, to request appointments for particular dates and times at desired locations, to manage or change future appointments and to view past appointments. Appointments requested through the On-Line Scheduler are synchronized to the specialist’s desktop scheduling application (Hearing Aid Center Dashboard).

Hearing Aid Center Dashboard

The Hearing Aid Center Dashboard is a desktop application used by our fitting specialists to manage client information and appointments. Specialists use this application to add new client information or edit existing client information. Specialists also use this application to schedule and manage appointments for clients. Appointments scheduled on-line by clients through the On-Line Scheduler are pushed and integrated with the Hearing Aid Center Dashboard scheduler. Specialists can also block time for in-store events or for time-off, to ensure that clients do not attempt to schedule appointments during times when specialists are unavailable.